Our Story

Doug with Julia and Charley in 2009 with first truck
Doug with Julia and Charley in 2019 in front of current location

JC Pool and Spa owner Doug Lacey hadn’t planned on a career in the swimming pool industry when he started working at a local pool service company as a 16-year old helper on summer break from school. Coming back summer and after summer, he rose through the ranks, learned all he could and eventually became the general manager of that pool company. Working with customers from a different perspective, he became keenly aware of the high level of service customers expected and deserved. Just as important, he realized how he could provide that level of service, and ultimately have happier, more loyal customers.

When Doug founded JC Pool and Spa in 2009, he integrated a simple, yet powerful philosophy into every aspect of the company – Experience  Excellence.

  • Taken separately, these words represent the value JC Pool and Spa delivers to its customers – experience and excellent service.
  • Together, Experience  Excellence signifies the feeling customers will get after working with JC Pool and Spa…the feeling that they experienced excellence.

Our goal is for every client to experience excellence with their pool AND their pool company. Customers receive prompt professional service whenever they interact with us. We provide fair, competitive pricing, without any high-pressure sales tactics. We use professional products from industry-leading manufacturers and will never sell you something you don’t need. Most importantly, we stand behind our work 100%. Not every job will go perfectly every day, but what separates us from our competitors is how we handle the situation. In short, we are a company with a conscience.

A key factor in maintaining a satisfied and loyal customer base is having a team of technicians and office staff that feels valued and supported. Our team is empowered with the training and tools necessary to deliver exemplary service. They are knowledgeable, approachable, personable and often go the extra mile for our customers and our company. Don’t just take our word about our work ethic. Click here to read why our customers choose to work with us


JC Pool and Spa is truly a family-owned and operated small business. With Doug responsible for the overall management of the company, including sales, service technicians and day-to-day operations, his wife Marie manages the office including customer service, accounting and marketing. Not to be left out are the couple’s two children – Julia and Charley – after whom the company was named.